HORDY the free native PDA Sync-Client for horde.groupware (tm)

Easily sync your PIM data from horde.groupware with a PDA device

HORDY will sync your PIM data such as calendar, contacts, tasks and memos between your windows mobile (tm) device and horde.groupware (tm).

In comparison to other sync-clients, HORDY does not need any middleware-sync-server to perform the sync-transaction !

It is native and direct


How it works

HORDY allows you to make a 2 way synchronization between your horde database-backend and your PocketOutlook (tm) data-store.


features of HORDY:

  • automatic sync with definable intervalls
  • One-Way sync from horde to PDA or otherwise
  • wireless synchronization via internet like DynDNS or your business internet domain.

the MySQL (tm) version of HORDY is free and without any support or warranty. Versions to get connected with other database-backends are for sale. the following db's are currently supported:

  • Firebird .net provider
  • Oracle .net provider
  • Postgre SQL .net provider
  • MySQL .net provider


... try the free MySQL HORDY ! ...


-Windows Mobile 5 / Smartphone (tm) or higher
-.net CF 2.0 Framework (tm) or higher